Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An SLP's Easter Egg Hunt

I have a theory that anything can be turned into a language activity. This holds true for an Easter Egg Hunt! Here's how:

Easter Egg Hunts have lots of fun words to make sure children know. These include
Action words:
Pick up
Talk about the words with your children, exposing them over and over again until they can understand and use them during conversations.

Concepts- Prepositions
Have the children look in specific places, listening for the location word.
"Look under the chair"
"Look behind the ball"
"Put it in the basket"
"Walk around the tree"
"Where did you find the egg?"

Concepts-Open and Close; Half and Whole
When they have gathered the (plastic) eggs and start digging in and finding their candy and toys, talk about the eggs they will open. Afterwards, they can close them, too. When they are open, talk about how they have half of an egg and when they are open, talk about how they have a whole egg.

Answering Questions
When your child is done with their egg hunt, ask them questions
"Where did you find eggs?"
"What did you see?"
"Who has more eggs?"
"How many did you find?"
If your child has trouble answering questions, give them a choice--"did you find a blue egg or a yellow egg?" When they are answering, make sure they use complete sentences...don't let them get away with 1 or 2 words! Remind them to "use your words."

You don't have to feel like there is a need to sit down and "work" with your child to work on their language skills...just focus on some simple words and  concepts during regular activities. Most of all--have FUN!!

I'm editing to add some information about how we did our egg hunt! We had the students collect paper eggs outside. When we came in the classroom, the students gave us the paper eggs; we counted them to turn it into a counting activity. We *could've* even turned it into a graphing activity by writing their names and graphing how many each student found. Most and least concepts could've been focused on! Then, we gave the students little treats inside of their eggs.
The students also made their own bags for the egg hunt by requesting stickers, etc, (e.g. "I want an egg" etc)


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  1. I believe in this theory too! It is easy to look this simple opportunity for learning:)