Monday, March 1, 2010

"Signing Time" in the Classroom

I've always used sign language with my clients and students to help them communicate, especially in meeting their basic wants and needs. When my daughter, Rachel, was younger, we also started using sign with her. One of our favorite DVD series was (and still is!) Signing Time.

( 2 random bits of information-- I really think that what first drew Rachel into Signing Time was that she shares the same name with the host, Rachel Coleman, and I think it helps her relate. 
Second, for the longest time, Rachel called Signing Time "Hi Hi" because of the main song in the DVD "Nice to Meet You").

During our Circle time, while doing our Rooms of the House theme, we are using the song "My House" from the Signing Time "My House" DVD.

It's a pretty catchy tune that reviews some of the basic vocabulary words for 3 rooms-Bathroom, Kitchen and Family Room.
I made a visual to go along with the the song that uses pictures and the printed lyrics to include a literacy component. The pictures are either clipart or pictures from the fabulous resource, abcteach.

Multi-modal ways of teaching words is a great way to increase vocabulary, bombarding the students with singing, signing, pictures and written word.
I was really excited to be able to use a Signing Time song in our class! The kids are still singing and signing "My House!"

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