Monday, March 1, 2010

In the Bathroom

Last week, we spent a lot of time in the bathroom. That's not quite right...
Anyway, we focused on vocabulary items for the bathroom and did a lot of fun activities!
Activities included:
Painting with Toothbrushes

I love having the students paint using a variety of materials. For our Rooms of the House theme, we painted with toothbrushes. We focused on learning colors and requesting, plus it was a great way for the kids to express themselves artistically.
Here is their work displayed on our window.
Playing with Shaving Cream
 A fun fine motor/sensory activity is playing with shaving cream. Some students have a harder time touching different textures, so we introduce them more slowly for these kids. Wet and slimy shaving cream is hard for some kids to touch!
First, the students had to request their shaving cream (I want shaving cream). They only get a little at a time to give them situations where they have to ask for more. Then, they are encouraged to dig in and play! They could play however they wanted to, but we did encourage them to draw pictures, shapes or even their name.
Messy, but fun!

We also read a super cool book at circle and during small group rotations all about brushing your teeth called Ready, Set, Brush! starring some favorite Sesame Street characters. It was chock full of language targets!!
There were lots of opportunities to practice vocabulary words, like sink, towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and bathroom. The book is very interactive, so we also got to practice some action words and the grammatical form is+ verbing (i.e. he is brushing).

There are so many fun things we can do with our bathroom vocabulary theme!
Next up is kitchen and bedroom!



  1. Really cute ideas! Now quit playing in the bathroom!

  2. Wow so happy I found your blog (through Deborah). I recently started my own blog also (
    but my 3 yr. old son has a speech delay and I could always use help. He is not recieving speech therapy so any tips I can get from you would be great!

  3. Gaby- Welcome! I'm glad you enjoy my blog!! I hope you get some good ideas for how to help your son :)
    I love your blog!!