Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring umbrellas

Umbrella is a great word!
It has 3 syllables, so it gives us a chance to practice multisyllable words by clapping each syllable and using intonation to help the kids hear the unstressed syllable.
It helps teach the concepts over and under (the umbrella is over our head; we are under the umbrella) and wet and dry. It's a great vocabulary word to know when you are in a rainy season...imagine NOT being able to ask for your umbrella--you'd get pretty wet.

To help learn all about this word, we made umbrellas! We borrowed this activity from the blog Lucky Me.

Vocabulary-umbrella, rain
Concepts-under/over, wet/dry, half/whole

We gathered our materials- paper plates, scissors, markers, glue, blue paper raindrops, brown paper handles, stapler
Before the students requested their umbrella (I want an umbrella), we took a look at the paper plates. We showed the whole plate with the pieces put together, then, we held them apart to show half of a plate.

Next, they decorated their paper plate with markers any way they wanted, requesting their markers (I want red marker" etc).
They requested their rain (I want rain) and glued them to their umbrella.
We also talked about how rain is wet.
After they requested their handle (I want a handle), they stapled thier umbrella together.

When they were done, they manipulated their umbrella and put it over their heads so that they were under it, keeping dry.
They look great on our window on a sunny day!