Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ten in a Bed

I had a wonderful SLPA (speech language pathology assistant) student in my classroom to get her hours completed. She jumped at the chance to plan an activity for our Rooms of the House theme. Her mission--an activity for the bedroom. She took the book Ten in a Bed and ran with it!!

During circle this week, we read Ten in a Bed, which is a fun book about a bunch of kids sharing a bed.

 The little one didn't have enough room, so she had everyone roll over and, each time, one very conveniently rolled out. Who could blame her?! While we read the book, we had the students listen closely, and everytime we read "roll over," they rolled their arms.

In our small group rotation, our assistant, Lucy, took the book and she and the students played with the coolest activity! Our SLPA made the bed

and provided the clothes pins, and Lucy worked her magic and turned the clothes pins into kids!

Vocabulary- bedroom, bed, pillow, blanket, roll
Grammar- is verbing (he is rolling)
Math- counting to 10; simple subtraction; number identification

We went through the book, page by page and brought it to life with the clothes pin kids.

We counted the kids and then made them roll over. We got to practice the phrase is verbing (he is rolling; she is rolling)---many of my students leave off either the "is" or the "ing." We continued to go through the book, having the kids roll off.
We also got to use written numbers to teach number recognition.
We continued to go through the book, having the kids roll off. As the numbers got lower, we focused moreso on simple subtraction--we used the clothes pin kids, the written numbers and our fingers to subtract--"we had 4 kids, 1 rolled off, how many are left?" "3!"
And, finally, there was 1 in the bed

And the others were sure to get her out of bed!

The students had a lot of fun with this activity. It was a great way to bring a book to life while working on vocabulary, basic concepts and pre-math skills.



  1. You are just so darn creative! I love how you take music and literature and make an entire day of activities and learning out of it! Your expertise in speech and early childhood really shine through!

  2. Oh by the way, Tell your assistant student teacher I am impressed!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed :)