Monday, April 5, 2010

Marble Painting Easter Eggs

I love painting with lots of different and unexpected things! Paint brushes are so passe ;)
We have painted with marbles before in our class and I thought it made a pretty pattern and would be a great idea to do during Spring/Easter to decorate Easter eggs!

Requesting (I want a marble; I want yellow, etc)

First came the reminder that we only *roll* the marble in the box...we do not shake the box! (we are not marble painting the floor!!).
We gathered our materials
--cut out paper eggs, tempera paint, cups to hold the paint, spoons to scoop the marbles, a box (we drink *lots* of water at my house...we simply used box from the packaging of water bottles case)

Next, the students requested their egg (I want an egg) and put it into the box

Then, they chose their color (I want red, etc), scooped the marble out of the cup with the spoon and put it into the box

Then, the fun began! The kids rolled the marbles, making beautiful designs! The switched paint to add more colors.
 After they were done, we even snuck in a little practice with grammar! We talked about what they did so we could try to elicit the word "painted."
And I really do think they painted beautifully!



  1. Those turned out really cute Marcy! Somehow I missed some of your recent projects. I rearranged things now so I wont keep missing them:)

  2. I love this! We do oval as the shape of the month around Easter. I will do this next time. I wonder if jelly beans could stand in for marbles?


  3. Thanks Deborah :)

    Niki-Ooh!! Jelly beans would be really neat to use!

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