Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flower Rubbings

I really hope everyone has enjoyed their Spring Break vacation!! I certainly have!
Here is another activity we did during our Spring Theme.
I had originally wanted to have the students make flower prints, like we had done at the Nature Materials Workshop. However, when I tried it on my own, it didn't come out quite right.
I had some fresh flowers that still needed to be used, so we decided to do rubbings. It worked ok and some students were able to use the fresh flowers, but they were a bit bulky.
Finally, our talented classroom assistant, Lucy, designed some tag board flowers that we eventually used for our rubbings!

Fine motor
Basic concepts- half/whole, middle

We gathered our materials, including our fresh flowers and some fabulous fake ones, too!
We used our tag board flowers, crayons, paper.

The students practiced requesting (I want a flower, I want a crayon)
They folded the papers in half (giving us a great opportunity to talk about half and whole).
The flower went in the middle of the paper and colored. It was neat to watch as each petal came through!
 Also in the middle was a Springtime message and a chance for the students to practice reading and/or writing their names
Happy Spring!!


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