Sunday, April 11, 2010

Raining on our Rainbows

This is a fun (and pretty) activity I borrowed from Deborah's blog. It was too cool to pass up! I figured it was a perfect activity to do during our spring theme while talking about rainbows and rain!

Fine motor--coloring with correct grasp; squeezing
Vocabulary-rainbow, rain

We gathered our materials-

paper towels, markers, spray bottle with water, tape

First, the students requested their towels (I want a paper towel) and their markers
They colored their paper towels any way they wanted, but were encouraged to draw spring time items, like rainbows, bugs, etc.

When they were done, we went outside to enjoy the beautiful springtime weather and taped the towels onto the wall
They took turns requesting the squirt bottle (I want water/I want rain) and let it rain on their paper towel.
Then they put away their pretend umbrellas and came inside!
I really love how pretty they came out!!

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  1. That is such a fun spring art activity to take outdoors! I love the blended colors!!

  2. I LOVE this!! We're definitely doing it today! Spray bottles are one of my 3-yr-old's favorite toys... he can be entertained for ages, just spraying things outside: trees, the sidewalk, his bike, mommy... :o)