Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Egg E

For our letter this theme, we chose E for those excellent eggs!

Sound-symbol relationships-- E says "eh"
Requesting (I want an egg)
Fine Motor

First, we gathered our materials--

--letter Es that have been cut out, a extravaganza of eggs including stickers and cut out eggs and some glue, too. The E on the orange background is sandpaper and we let the kids explore it a bit to get a tactile way of learning the letter E.

We also talked a lot about the sound that the letter E makes---"Eh" like egg, elbow, elephant, etc.
Then, the students did lots of requesting. They requested their E (I want an E) and their eggs (I want an egg) until their letter E was no longer empty.
Here are our eccentric Es




  1. Great activities, Marcy! I have used cleaned egg shells to put on the "E"'s as well for an added sensory component. This is a great language building activity!

  2. That's a neat idea!!
    I never got around to doing any egg shell activities this year...next year!