Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day Marble Painting!

Painting with marbles or golf balls is always a fun and different way to get kids to participate in art activities! Usually, I put the marbles or golf balls in an old cardboard box top, but, for Valentine's Day, we used heart shaped boxes from candy! (Please don't ask who ate all the chocolate... ;) )

We gathered our materials--some marbles, cups with red paint, spoons to take out the marbles, heart shaped boxes from Valentine's Day candy and cut out paper hearts.  

Two things of note-- 1) to make the right-sized paper hearts, we traced the paper insert they use inside the candy box to protect the (precious) chocolate, just making it slightly smaller;

2) I needed to go out to a teacher supply store because I literally did lose my marbles...
Then we got started

Vocabulary- hearts, red
Requesting- "I want a heart," "I want paint"
Articulation- /s/ blends in SPoon

First, the students requested their heart and box by using their words. The paper hearts fit perfectly!

Next, the students used the SPoon to take out the marble and put it into their heart box.
We really focused on having the kids use their /s/ sound, so they said "spoon," not "poon!"

Then, the fun began! They moved the box around so the paint-covered marble moved around, making really cool designs!
(We did have to give a couple of reminders to use "quiet hands" so they didn't paint the table or floor...).
Some of the things I heard were "middle" and "around," which are great concepts!

When they were done, we took them out of the boxes to dry.
 I think they came out pretty cute!
Happy Painting!!



  1. I love marble painting, but we haven't done it yet this year. Thanks for reminding me that I need to get that into a lesson plan soon! :)

  2. That's great!
    I love painting with different objects! For our house theme, when we talk about the bathroom, we paint with toothbrushes. Lots of fun things to do.

    Thanks for your comment!