Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Snow!

We were winter magicians during our winter theme!
During our small group rotations, we used the Blizzard in a Bucket from Be Amazing Toys for this really fun activity.

Articulation- /s/ blends (sssnow, ssscoop)

We gathered the items we needed-- 2 oz. of water, a scoop of the snow, a clear cup and the bucket and mat.

We talked about snow, including who had seen it, how it felt, etc. Then, the magic began! 
As we made the snow, we were sure to emphasize the steps using the concepts first, next and last.

First, we poured one scoop of the powder into the cup.

Next, we poured in the water

Then, we watched the snow form!

So cool!!

 Last, we poured it into the bucket so we could touch it and play!
The students enjoyed getting their hands into the "snow" and trying to make snowmen or make letters and shapes in the snow. As they played, we reviewed the sequence we used to make the snow.

Happy snow making!


  1. You could always come visit me in CANADA we have LOTS of snow LOL
    Cool activity!

  2. I lived in Massachusetts much of my life--I'm happy without snow LOL :)