Saturday, February 20, 2010

Welcome to Our House!

We have started our new theme,

Rooms of the House. 
We will be focusing on this theme for the next 3 weeks or so. Our classroom is all set up and ready to go!
We've got our vocabulary bulletin board set up.

There really are a lot of words to focus on! I tried to set it up by room to make it easier--in fact, we will focus on each room on different days. The vocabulary pictures are the same that were sent home with students to practice and reinforce at home. They are also the same pictures I use during my vocabulary activities (like matching games, etc.) during small group rotations.

Other posters are hung up around the room showing different houses or rooms.

Our library has books about the House set aside for the kids to read.

We've even got our House table cloth out in the kitchen area.

We've got lots of fun activities planned for this theme, including playing with dollhouse furniture, a house shapes puzzle, art activities and lots more!


  1. Cute Marcy! I'm always so impressed with what you do in your SLP class!

  2. Love your blog,you have great ideas for English Language Learners. I posted a link at my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.
    Rosa Amelia Oropeza