Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ready for Valentine's Day!

This week and next, we are focusing on our Valentine's Day theme.

I've got my bulletin board all set up with our vocabulary target words.

Our words are: Heart, Red, Candy, Flowers and Cupid.
Smaller versions of these same pictures were sent home with the families so they can reinforce them at home. This theme, I also sent home an article called "Helping Your Child Listen to Learn" from a Parent Articles book along with some pictures of hearts and ideas on how to use the hearts to have the students follow commands.

Our library was set up with some books about Valentine's Day and love.

The book all the way on the right, Valentine's Day, is the book we have been reading during our circle time. It comes along with a cassette tape (what's that? it's kinda like a CD...LOL), which *really* keeps the kids' attention!! Books on tapes/CDs are really great for helping kids learn to read. We also used the book during our small group rotations and I had the kids talk about each page as we read through. I also copied some pages to use in a sequencing activity.

In our kitchen area, we have a tablecloth on the table--it's just a cheap couple of yards of fabric from JoAnne's!

I like to change the tablecloth for each theme to continuously bombard the students with the vocabulary words we are working with.

We've got lots of fun activities planned for Valentine's Day! Plus, we have two 3-day weekends coming up. Hooray!

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  1. You definitely look all prepped and ready to go! Love the books on display!