Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Sweet Hearts

We are pretty aware of and take precautions with our students with allergies. So, when it came time to have our Valentine's Day party cooking activity, I was pretty cautious about what I choose. Finally, I came up with a tortilla sweet heart!

Vocabulary- Hearts
Size concepts- small, smaller, smallest; big, bigger, biggest
Fine motor skills-- pushing, pulling, squeezing

First, I gathered our materials--
some tortillas (that we warmed up before each group's turn), sugar-free, squeezable jelly, sunflower butter (to avoid those peanut butter allergies!), Nutella (a.k.a. heaven), heart-shaped cookie cutters and napkins/knives/plates, etc.

Each child first requested thier tortilla ("I want tortilla") and we talked about it being shaped like a circle.
Next, they requested a cookie cutter--we had reviewed the sizes as our tortillas were being heated.
We helped the kids take turns pushing onto their tortillas to cut out thier heart shape.

 Next, they requested what they wanted on thier tortilla ("I want chocolate," "I want [fake] peanut butter," "I want strawberry") and they helped squeeze or spread it on.
Last-we ate! I personally thought our Sweet Hearts were pretty yummy!

We ended with our little class parties where the kids brought Valentine cards and treats for their friends. It was a lot of fun!! This was a great way to end our Valentine's Day theme. Our next theme will focus on Rooms of the House.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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