Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine's Day Cutting Practice!

Using scissors is a skill that preschoolers need to get a grasp on (pun intended!).
Some of my students are able to just grab some scissors and cut objects out on the line. Hooray for them!
Others may grasp correctly, but only snip the paper. Others grab the scissors with 2 hands and try to cut like hedge clippers.
Valentine's Day was a great time to practice our scissors skills!

Scissors/cutting practice

We gathered our Valentine's Day cards (Spiderman was a big hit!) and our scissors.

The students had to request each one ("I want a card," "I want scissors") before they could have them.

Then, we got to cutting!
First, we made sure they had the correct grasp.
Next, if they were only snipping, we encouraged them to cut across the card. It got pretty messy!
We also had some Valentine's Day heart coloring pages to cut if they really went to town on thier cards!

An added bonus to cutting--we got to practice the sentence "he is cutting!" (many of my students leave off the word "is"). Lots of great modeling and practicing!

Happy cutting!

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