Monday, May 3, 2010

Down On The Farm!

Our theme for the last couple of weeks has been the Farm! We did lots of fun activities and our room was set up to help expose the kids to the vocabulary as much as possible.

First, we set up our vocab bulletin board with our words:

barn, farmer, tractor, dog, pig, horse, duck, sheep, cow, chicken, goat, rooster.
We reviewed the words every day.

Our library was stocked with farm books
including "Colors On The Farm."

Our kitchen area had a farm tablecloth
We also had posters around the room
At circle time, we sang songs like "Grandpa's Farm" by Raffi and our own "Cow, Cow, What Do You See."
The kids also had lots of chances to play with farm toys!
The Farm is always such a fun theme for the students! Lots of fun vocabulary, plus animal sounds to make!

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