Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's happening in my classroom?

Just as a reminder, my day job is in a preschool classroom for children who have delays in speech and language skills.
Part of my job is to work on building my students' vocabulary skills. I do this through teaching new words in categories--this way, the kids can take the new words and put them in their "filing cabinet" under the right category. They continue to build on the vocabulary they know with words in the same category.
Another part of my job is to teach basic concepts that preschoolers should know, including colors, numbers, letters, etc.

So, what's a cool way to teach both these concepts within a vocabulary theme?:

Colors on the Farm

This month, we are working on FARM vocabulary, so, why not use the farm to teach COLORS?

"Colors on the Farm" is a Lift and Learn Book, making it interactive learning. Each part of this sturdy book has the name of the color written on the same colored page (yay for teaching literacy skills!!) with shapes (oooh...sneaky way to teach shapes, too!) surrounding the color on the opposite page. As you read with your child, the book gives you great questions to ask your child to encourage thinking skills and to help them answer questions. Then--they get to open the flap and see all the items of that color on the farm. And there are even more questions to help you talk about the book with them!

Can you think of some yellow things you would find on a farm?!? :)

So, remember, "Colors on the Farm" is a sturdy interactive book to teach farm vocabulary and colors!! And, it's available here!

And!!!...if you like Colors on the Farm, you'll also love Counting with Animals! (we're learning about Jungle/Zoo animals next month!).

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