Sunday, April 19, 2009


See this picture here?
It has 3 of my favorite things...Pearl Jam, HAMMER AWAY! from Discovery Toys, and my beautiful daughter, Rachel!!

As much as I love some good music and my little girl, this blog is about the HAMMER AWAY!
HAMMER AWAY! is a cause and effect toy perfect for little ones from age 18 months and up. It develops motor skills and hand-eye coordination as your little one either pushes or hits balls with a hammer through the boat. It also teaches object permanence (the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched) as the balls disappear and then reappear! HAMMER AWAY! also teaches colors and you can work on developing your child's cognitive skills through color matching.
But, how can you use HAMMER AWAY! to enhance language skills?
~~Give your child the boat, but hold on to the balls---they have to request the balls before they can have it ("I want ball" or "I want red").
~~As your child pushes or hits the balls, model for them "through!" to teach this preposition. After a while, ask them "where is the ball going?" and wait for them to say "through!"
~~Teach the concept of "more" by having them request "more" balls or have them let you know they want to do it again.
~~With older children, use HAMMER AWAY! to work on story re-tell. After they tell each part of the story (like the characters, setting, problem or resolution), they get to hit a ball down!

HAMMER AWAY! is available for your child here for $28.00!

Don't forget to contact me with questions about HAMMER AWAY! , if you want to host a party or if you are interested in playing with toys for some extra money!!

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