Friday, May 8, 2009

What are people buying?

Lately, several people have purchased the THINK-IT-THROUGH Tiles System.

This is a self-correcting learning system that really sparks kids' visual perception and cognitive skills as they are playing*.
(*They're really LEARNING--but don't tell them that!! They're having too much fun!)

There are several academic areas that the THINK-IT-THROUGH system focuses on, including math, language arts and science concepts and logic, reasoning and visual perception skills. There are a total of 20 books in the system, which can be purchased separately or as comprehensive sets. Each set is geared toward different age levels, too---but, if your child needs a bit of extra help, you can get the lower level books or you can get the higher level books for later! Activities in each book get progressively harder as your child learns the basic skills.

The Tiles Case is the magic of the system, though!! As your child answers the problem, they match the tile to the problem's correct answer and put it in the correct place on the case's corresponding letter. When they are done, they flip the case over and discover a pattern. If the pattern matches the one in the book, they've got it!! If not, they can see which problem they missed and go back and fix it on their own. How empowering!

And, because it's self-correcting, it really enhances your child's independent learning, which is a skill that he or she will need throughout their school years.

So, who has bought THINK-IT-THROUGH?
Moms! Moms who wanted a fun way for their kids to practice academic skills in a fun way! Moms who understand the importance of repeated practice of skills to make sure their child has *really* learned what was taught. Moms who realize that kids need to keep their minds sharp during summer vacation.

Teachers!! My friend at my school purchased the Complete Set with extra Tile Cases to use during her independent center times in her classroom. She looked through the books and saw the value in the extra practice this system will give her students. Her students will use THINK-IT-THROUGH both independently to boost their test-taking confidence, and with partners to work on their cooperative learning. Oh, and an added bonus of helping with standardized assessments and increasing test scores!! Awesome!

Check it out here and let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me at

Happy learning!

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