Friday, May 1, 2009

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!!

Recently during a Discovery Toys Training Call, Kelly Corbett did a great presentation on toys that therapists use, focusing on occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists. I added a bit of information to her section on how speech therapists can use Discovery Toys products, so I thought I would share that information with you!

So here we go...Cut and... Paste!! ;)

Receptive language (understanding what is said; following directions, answering questions)

Roll and Play (1 step commands; or, have them roll twice and do 2 step commands)

Pirate Pete Book/Once Upon a Story—since the story changes every time, it’s good for story retelling and asking what questions and the kids really have to use their listening skills

Baby Bear’s Bedtime—Helps with teaching prepositions

Castle Marbleworks—teach concepts down, in and out

EZ-Blocks—teach concepts on/off, tall, short

Expressive language (how kids use language, including vocabulary, forming sentences, making their wants and needs known)

Toddler Talk—for non-verbal kids to encourage them to make any sound..then they can hear themselves! (NOT for articulation therapy, though…the sound is too poor)

My Busy Day—teaches sequencing, story retell

Build A Book—for vocabulary development—categorizing/sorting items is a basic way to teach vocabulary.

Zingo—vocabulary building; therapists can have the kids make a sentence with the word

Wiz Kids—helps with word finding, categorizing items to build vocabulary

Pick Up Words—The kids can formulate sentences with the words they pick

Articulation (how kids form speech sounds)

Sounds Like Fun CD (I’ve been using “The Apple Song” for years and didn’t know where it came from!!) for phonological awareness

Measure Up Cups—therapists can put articulation cards under the cups. As the child picks up a card, they have to say the word as many times as the number on the cup (for example, they pick the cup with a “5” and the word is “spoon,” they have to say “spoon” correctly 5 times.

Check out these products and more at my Discovery Toys website
Also, check out more information about Better Speech and Hearing Month at ASHA's website


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